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Let pitiable past experiences does not haunt us

Let pitiable past experiences does not haunt us

Keep rereading the past, prevented us to start a new life chapter.
Everyone's life is like a roller coaster.
We step in the cart, start to going up and coming down in a circle to go out with peaks and valleys, but after go unscathed outward.
One experiences a great ride with pleasure and delight others become nauseous and dizzy and comes out with a sickly feeling that have to vomit.
But the same experience will not come back, and belongs to our history in earlier time with seconds, minutes or hours depending on how long the ride took.
Because we ourselves can decide to go again in the roller coaster and that experience will again be exciting and different from what we have experienced.
The way we have built an outstanding reputation in the passed years in our prehistory.
Which is different for everyone with satisfying or unreliability opposite of others.
A properly past can offer our future a helping hand but that's no guarantee.
After all, everything is changed and for continue to grow with improvements in our life we will have continued to learn and move with the time as well as the use of future changes.
Where we were prior convenient with or it even a luminary can now in this time mean nothing anymore.
As it perhaps many think back with a lot of appreciation, but that brings us nothing, because we live now, and that's the only thing that counts at the moment.
So the past is past and is something we may or may not be proud of but our future prospect for better it starts today and tomorrow morning again.
Statements about what we all can do earlier and have achieved is useless, because the new generation is not interested in that, they have not been grew up in our past.
What we have achieved today for ourselves or others is important constant improvements and steps forward which rouses the attention today.
Differently be than others with exceptional ideas and knowledge increase our opportunities in the society.
Due to different cultural characters and way of thinking of mankind is cooperation in the society no longer like before.
Large extent by the frequent competition and economic problems in the world, so every one should try to save his own skin.
Cooperation was once much more customary by the strengthened value to a friendship and by making together money it was only reinforced.
Nowadays people want to say friend to make money, but friends acquire any money or benefits to one another but with each other.
Present-day is our life with a meaning for want to moving forward, opening up new chapters should be started or arrived.
Staying by bygone and stoke up time and rereading will be a transformation in our thinking and future are not fast as possible, so try to forget bad memories in our mind.
There must be a clear changes, innovations and adjustments to be met for future progress with increased success.
To change ourselves into a superior for a better future in the world we must let the poor experiences of the past behind us.


All the best for You with a Good Health


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