Overloading of our spirit is often by dissatisfaction

Overloading of our spirit is often by dissatisfaction

Regrettably, does our life not have only beautiful sides, but also inexplicable and undesirable events that can be very mysterious.
Our parents try on the time of our upbringing to prepare us for everything, but that's just not possible by some matters that will happen with enigmatical questions in life.
Our parents have try to all difficulties they have endured with their own experiences learned in life so learn to us for be excluded from and protect us against it.
But unexpected and mysterious events there is no antidote for it, that just happens to us, then we must act directly with our instinct and intuition to perform it.
Because, our own life and nature are unpredictable on this earth, no one gets a biography in advance, so it will be a life adventure with vicissitudes of joy and sorrow.
Everything we have learned from both our parents and courses at school is in theory all feasible.
Only in our daily life the reality it can be a great contradiction and we can have the physical strength, but emotional feelings there are no lessons or medication for to get.
At the time we herewith coming in consideration can our spiritual body and backbone have the strength are still so great, but emotionally we are a wreck.
By feeling disorders that arised caused by love or personal humiliation thereby become a sentimental and emotionally disturbance will each individual be vulnerable and upset.
Emotional people can therefore be upset and completely departing from the following life booklet by impotence and impact on their self-control by losing it.
They are then able to do unforgivable things that the for cases not will solved, but only worsen with consequences and all done in seconds with losing from grasp.
Controlling the inward man mood and keep it under control is a diplomatic approach in such unpredictable and sudden unprepared situations.
Every human being has emotions and will it not always show in publicly, but we can determine by our own experience that it's very difficult to keep this under control.
Times when this will happens to ourselves that we get emotionally affected, it is a test of how powerful our manageability is and how we can represent us at that time.
Can we function normally in a bad condition of our constitution and emotional pain or we jump out of the band and lose control of ourselves and the state of affairs.
Sensitive Social conflicts are difficult to control by the intolerable words that we  experience back and forth in seconds and don't know what counter-reactions follow.
At these times we need to watch to the reality of life in our mind that it is not always a bed of roses but a life with a continious learning process what never will stop.
Do not wipe us out from the map, because of that and try to cover it with a smile because now we know it, after something like that has happened.
Herewith allows it us to find where we are or what place we are given assigned by nature, personal contact or by affair.
Overloading of our mind is often by dissatisfaction change will only be made in case :
We ourselves throwing the first stone back or be so intelligent to placed the first stone into a new environment.
Where we can continue to build on a new future and so overcome from this insufferable fate case.
When we are positive and is our life overcrowd of difficulties there will always be a little space for sunshine and happiness.


All the best for You with a Good Health


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